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Motivational Guitar Method - Students Book
Fiddlin' Phil Motivational Guitar Method - Students' Book with Backing CD and FREE Online Video Lessons. Select Paypal for a secure payment system - you can use Visa or Mastercard even if you don't have a Paypal account. P&P in Australia & New Zealand is $3.00 AUD for 1 - 3 books, $6.00 AUD for 4 - 10 Books
Price  $ 29.70
Motivational Guitar Method - Teacher's Handbook
Fiddlin' Phil Motivational Guitar Method - Teacher's Handbook - FREE with purchase of a class set of 30 Student Workbooks.
Price  $ 0.00
Motivational Guitar Method - Class Set
A full set of 30 student books in the Motivational Guitar Method comes with a substantial Discount PLUS a Free Teacher's Handbook with 2 DVDs of instructional video lessons, Backing & Listening Cd PLUS CD ROM with Teaching Programs, Lesson Plans and Theory Worksheets - EVERYTHING you need to teach a complete class music program.
Price  $ 660.00
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