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Friends of Fiddlin' Phil
This is a page dedicated to "Friends of Fiddlin' Phil" - composers, performers and educators - profiling them and their work. Also, a bit about Jazz Violin and 'MIST' Jazz String Trio. Click on the links below to go directly to:
  • Click Here to see our new "Up & Coming" blog about inspiring young composers and performers - in our first "Up & Coming" we feature the 'Youth in Jazz' competition hosted by the Hawkesbury Jazz Club in Western Sydney in October, 2011. Don't miss seeing these remarkable Jazz musicians
  • Also - renowned Jazz Musician & Educator, John Morrison, who was adjudicating the 'Youth in Jazz' Festival, told this inspiring learning story - used with permission - click here to go to the video
  • The String Contingent are a very talented trio who: " compose and perform music of sparkling beauty and originality that explores the full spectrum of musical expression. Australians Chris Stone (violin) and Holly Downes (double bass) with Scotsman Graham McLeod (guitar) integrate disparate musical styles through their own refined acoustic sensibilities" Click here to see their website. Early in 2011, The String Contingent came to Mary MacKillop Primary School to present a very exciting concert & workshop
Contact the String Contingent by clicking on this contact form here if you are interested in them performing a Concert/Workshop in your School (Australian States Only - though they will be touring overseas again in 2012)

Friends of Fiddlin' Phil

         Interview with Art Phillips - Composer for Film & TV
Film & TV Music - interview with composer, Art Phillips

Art Phillips first began his musical career as a session guitarist in the cut & thrust musical world of Los Angeles. He moved to Australia in 1987 where he established himself as a leading musician and composer for film & TV. I had the privilege of studying composition for film & TV under Art at Griffith University in QLD and found his tremendous passion for his craft and the throroughly entertaining way that he presented the challenge of 'composing to image' to be tremendously engaging and fulfilling. Art has contributed much to the Film & TV Industry but also to the field of teaching composition to a new generation of composers. I tried to cut this interview down to about 5 minutes but just couldn't. If you watch the full 15 minutes, you will be amply rewarded with interesting anecdotes and great insights to the real world of composing to image. Art was also the president of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers from 2001 to 2008. Catch up with more score excerpts and screen credits at

Tommy Tycho and his brilliant Violin Concerto - Media produced by Fiddlin' Phil Productions

An inspiring interview with the great Maestro, Tommy Tycho. In 2002, Maestro Tommy Tycho composed this great piece of Australian Music - the Tommy Tycho Violin Concerto. Also includes excerpts of the performance by soloist Maria Lindsay with the Lurline Chamber Orchestra. This orchestra is a professional chamber orchestra in Sydney Australia and Maria is a remarkable musician who performs the Tommy Tycho Violin Concerto with great flair and sensitivity. In the words of Richard Gill "Tommy Tycho's violin concerto is a brilliantly written piece. Everything about it speaks about a musician who is thoroughly versed in his craft. Maria Lindsay played the violin concerto like a goddess...a true virtuoso. A great concert, well done to all" Media Production by Fiddlin' Phil Productions - Motivational Music Education Publishing

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The first Australian Composer we will meet on this page is Ann Carr-Boyd - very appropriate as 2008 was her 70th birthday and a great celebration of her life and work through many public performances and airplay on radio and TV.

Read Ann's biography and purchase print music at Carlisle Print, who publish quality print music of Ann Carr-Boyd and other Australian Composers - go to Carlisle Print
Ann's music is very appealing to a wide audience and is especially suitable for music students - have a look at Carlisle Print
especially for pieces suitable for the 'Australian Composer' requirement for NSW HSC Music.

Fiddlin' Phil joined Ann recently for a virtual cup of coffee and a chat:

FP: Ann, you have just enjoyed a wonderful celebration of your 70th birthday
and a number of performances of your work. What was the highlight of 2008
for you?
AC-B:  I think the highlight was that so many people wanted to hear my
music. The concerts began in April 2008 and did not finish until November 2008.
Also, that so many people sent me beautiful cards, which I shall always
keep, and phoned and made contact after many years when they heard my music
on the radio and on the television.  Also, the fact that I have a lovely
family who have always put up with me.
FP: You have written some really stimulating material for music students - I
myself have purchased some of your pieces for HSC music students. How
important is the teaching and education aspect of your life and work in the
context of your music career? i.e. How important is educating the next
generation of composers as opposed to just composing?
AC-B: I have been teaching for a long time now !  My father became ill when
I was only 20, and I took over his students  -  he died the day after my
21st birthday so I kept on teaching them, and have never really stopped
teaching since then  -  which means I have a very long teaching career !  I
still have a range of students from age 6 years to in the 60s  -  I enjoy
every one.  One student ( now 96 ) commenced lessons with me when she was 68
-  and kept on for twelve years.  In addition to individual students I have
taught in many schools and tertiary institutions and given master classes in
Australia, and in the USA and England.
Also, throughout my three daughters' school years I was involved in
accompanying choirs, violin classes and much else.  All of this has kept me
in touch with the younger and older  generations which is so valuable.  They
attended Lane Cove Primary School and then North Sydney Girls' High School.
It has helped me to know what might appeal to a ten year old or a fifty-yr
old. A strong rhythmic structure and a strong form appeals to most people  -
melody helps too ! This all adds up to the fact that I have not spent any time at all really in
the ivory tower.
FP: What would you say to the next generation of musicians and composers in
Australia in regard to their academic and musical focus?
AC-B  Always be enthusiastic about what you do, and never be afraid to be
FP: Thanks Ann, your words of encouragement are indeed a great
gift and inspiration to Australian Students of Music of all ages.
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"Music of Ann Carr-Boyd"

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"Fading Light" - Australian Composers

ONLY $15.00 plus $3.00 p&p - all proceeds direct to the composer - a great birthday or Christmas present.
You do not need a Paypal account - use the Paypal option but when you are directed to the Paypal site, you can use Visa or Mastercard.

"Up & Coming" is a new blog dedicated to inspiring young composers & performers. Fiddlin' Phil Productions are pleased to profile inspiring young composers and performers on this site.
In October, 2011, the Hawkesbury Jazz Club and
'Jazz a Vienne' Sydney hosted the 'Youth in Jazz' Competition at the Richmond Club. Fiddlin' Phil Productions was there to record and video the event.
Here is just one of the many fine performances of the evening: "Old Places", an original composition by the Tim Coggins Quartet.

Also, renowned Jazz Musician & Educator, John Morrison, was adjudicating the 'Youth in Jazz Festival' and before delivering the adjudication, told this inspiring learning story - used with permission

Updated 20th November, 2011
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