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FREE Online Video Music Lessons

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The Fiddlin' Phil Motivational Guitar Method - Video Guitar Lessons
1. Tuning Your Guitar   2. Major Scales      3. Mad Monday & Lazy Sunday     4. Romance on 'B' & One Finger Samba    5. Ode to Joy & Spanish Study   6. Pachelbel Canon & If I Had Words   7. Mama Don't 'Low     8. Rock 'n Roll Man
9. La Bamba  
10. Greensleeves Melody    11. Greensleeves Accompaniment   12. Dreaming & Pentatonic Scale  13. Mbayi Mbayi - African Folk Song      14. Air on the 'E' String   15. "Feelin' Free"    16. Lough Erin Shores   17. Morning Has Broken  18. Bar Chords   19. Thunky Thursday  20. Romance

The Fiddlin' Phil Strings Method - Video Violin Lessons

Click Here for Masterclass with Andras Racz - 1st lesson with the bow

Coming Soon - The Little Fiddler's Series. An exciting new motivational method for four to seven year olds

The Fiddlin' Phil Motivational Guitar Method

Lesson 1: Tuning your Guitar

Lesson 2: Major Scales

Lesson 3: Lazy Sunday & Mad Monday

Lesson 4: Romance on 'B' & One Finger Samba

Lesson 5: Ode to Joy & Spanish Study

Lesson 6: Pachelbel Canon & If I Had Words

Lesson 7: Mama Don't 'Low

Lesson 8: Rock 'n Roll Man

Lesson 9: La Bamba

Lesson 10: Greensleeves - Melody

Lesson 11: Greensleeves - Accompaniment

Lesson 12: "Dreaming" & Pentatonic Scale

Lesson 13: "Mbayi Mbayi - African Folk Song

Lesson 14: Air on the 'E' String

Lesson 15: "Feelin' Free"

Lesson 16: Lough Erin Shores

Lesson 17: Morning Has Broken

Lesson 18: Bar Chords

Lesson 19: "Thunky Thursday"

Lesson 20: Romance

The Fiddlin' Phil Strings Method: Violin - Video Lessons
NEW - Free Video Lessons with the "Fiddlin' Phil Strings Method" These video lessons are provided free of charge - existing "Fiddlin' Phil" client schools and teachers may use these videos to supplement the "Fiddlin' Phil Strings Method" This first masterclass lesson is taught by one of the leading teachers and performers in Sydney, Australia; Andras Racz (Click here to see Andras' Bio). Andras is already teaching the "Fiddlin' Phil Strings Method" across a number of elementary schools in Western Sydney. The complete Class Strings Teaching Method will be available for purchase soon as a complete online teaching resource at our new mirror website "Music Education Systems"
Masterclass - 1st lesson with the bow: Part 1 (Andras Racz)

ALSO COMING SOON: published both as hardcopy books with DVD & CD as well as an online subcription series at our new mirror website "Music Education Systems" Produced and published to popular demand - Our "Little Fiddler's" series - violin and cello lessons with very unique multimedia resources for Four to Seven year olds - both individual students and also for group teaching.



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