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We publish innovative teaching methods and resources, including ensemble packs - for music teaching & learning with innovative use of media & multimedia.
We are based in the Blue Mountains near Sydney - NSW, Australia. Click on this video to see some of the beautiful scenery in the heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park - the soundtrack is 'Wild Mountain Thyme', a Scottish Folk Song arranged, performed and produced by me in my studio - Soon to be published as a complete choral pack with full backing and innovative learning media.

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“Learning music should be an adventure; a discovery of history and culture, as well as learning new and exciting skills and feeling a great sense of achievement. Learning to play a musical instrument is also about learning self-discipline and enjoying music-making together in ensembles; whether it is with a friend as a duet, with some friends on guitar, piano & drums playing Jazz or Folk music or with a whole string orchestra at your school, it is an exciting adventure that is always best when it is a shared experience.” Excerpt from the Introduction of “The Fiddlin’ Phil Strings Method Level 2"

Click here to access our FREE downloads page - samples of sheet music, worksheets, MP3 backing tracks & instructional video. New on the Downloads page for 2014 - Download free MP3 listening tracks for our soon to be released online ensemble packs for String Orchestra.

Our Quality Assurance Policy:
Please choose carefully (Try downloading and using our free samples first) as we cannot return or exchange publications or media after purchase. However, if any publication or CD or DVD is defective, we will replace it on return.

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Updated 2nd January, 2014
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